Australia vs Spain Match Results 2014 World Cup

Do you remember how I backed Australia in the Australia vs Spain World Cup Game a few days back? You can read that post in my last bet of the week. It shows the three different wagers I placed on the Socceroos. I was sure that one of them would come through. Alas, I lost on all three accounts. Australia lost, they didn’t score in the second half and obviously Spain did score. Actually, they scored three times. The final scores in the Australia vs Spain match was Spain 3, Australia 0.

The three Spanish goals were by Santi Carzola, David Villa and the final goal by Fernando Torres. The first before half time and the last two in the second half. Yep, it looks like the Spanish players finally decided to wake up and show the world their true form. Too bad that it had to be against the Aussies.

You know what though. I still think the Socceroos did us proud. You have to admit we had a pretty rough draw in the 2014 World Cup. Not only did we have to play Spain and the Netherlands, the last World Cup finalists, we also had to play Chile. I suppose the fact that Tim Cahill was out of the game didn’t help. To be quite honest, if I knew Tim wasn’t going to play I probably wouldn’t have place those bets. According to Wikipedia Tim Cahill has been Australia’s top scorer, scoring 5 out of the 11 goals in their World Cup games.

Australia vs Spain Adam Taggart

Looks like there was a bit of a heart stopping for the Spaniards from Adam Taggart.

Who Are The Real Losers in the Australia vs Spain World Cup match

It would have to be the Spanish. The Australians have nothing to be ashamed of. They had an impossible draw in the 2014 Fifa World Cup and they played extremely well. I was proud of them and I was very proud to see all the support that the Aussies in Brazil gave to the Socceroos. The interviews I’ve seen on TV showed the Aussies loved their time in Brazil and more than enjoyed all three matches that the Socceroos participated in. There was even a short interview from some Spanish fans who praised the Aussies for the way they handled themselves in this years World Cup.

Unfortunately for the Spanish, the reverse is true. I’m sure their reception when returning home will be a lot different from the one the Aussies will get.

The good thing about all this is that every time the Aussie go to a world cup they’re building soccer’s popularity in Australia. Who knows, in time our young emerging soccer players will be a force to be dealt with in future World Cups.

Australia vs Spain World Cup Bet Of The Week

On my last bet of the week I placed a wager on the England vs Italy World Cup game. As it turns out I won that bet. For this weeks Australia vs Spain World Cupbet of the week, seeing as how the World Cup fever is still going strong, I placed a wager on Australia to beat Spain in the up and coming World Cup Game.

I know that just about everybody thinks that Australia is going to lose that game, especially because Tim Cahill isn’t playing. That’s why the odds are so high, which makes for a pretty good win if the Socceroos manage to pull it off. Still, I think that Australia has been playing a lot better than Spain so, regardless of what everybody else thinks, I reckon they have a pretty good chance.

 An Aussie Win In Australia vs Spain match?

These are my reason why I reckon the Aussies will win in the Australia vs Spain match. When Spain played the Netherlands they got thumped 5 -1. When they played Chile they lost 2 – 0.

Now lets look at how the Socceroos went. When they played the Netherlands they lost 3 -2. It was an exhilarating game. When they played Chile the Aussies lost 3 -1. All in all it’s my opinion that the Aussies were the better players when compared to how the Spanish played. I reckon if they can only keep up their good form they have a chance at winning that game.

How I Bet On The Australia vs Spain game.

So, lets have a look at my Sportingbet (check out their $700 free bet offer) screenshot to see exactly how I placed my bets on this weeks bet of the week.

  • Australia vs Spain 2nd both to score: I place a buck on both teams to score in the second half. If that becomes a reality I’ll win $3.10
  • Australia vs Spain first team to score: I put a dollar on that nobody will score. This is entirely possible in soccer. If nobody scores throughout the game I’ll win $17.
  • Australia vs Spain to win: Finally I placed five bucks on the Aussies to win. A win will get me $36.75 That alone will do me 😉

The most I can win is $39.85, if option 1 and 3 come in. This would be pretty good considering I only outlaid seven bucks. Even if the second one came about I’d still get $17.

Didn’t place a double chance bet on this game because I didn’t like the odds.

Did you place a bet on the Australia vs Spain game. If you did which way did you go.


World Cup And Responsible Gambling

With the World Cup fever about to take over the world many will be tempted to gamble beyond their means. With three to four matches occurring every day the temptation to bet on multiple matches can be too much for some. This can be exasperated by the many outcomes you can bet on each individual match as well. Even I was surprised when I learned of the amount of bets you can place on any one game.

World Cup Betting Options

This is where a lot of people can get into trouble. The urge to bet on multiple outcomes may be overpowering to some punters. Here are just a few of the results you can place a bet on.

  • Full Time Result: This is the one that I am going to place my bets on.
  • Double Chance: Didn’t know what the heck this was so I did some research. Read this post for an explanation of a Double Chance wager.
  • Correct Score Betting: Where you can place a wager on the actual score of the game.
  • Half Time/Full Time Results: Bet on the results for half time and full time.
  • Half Time/Full Time Correct Score: Placing a wager on the actual scores for half time and full time.
  • Goal Scorers: You can place a bet on who is going to score a goal.

Of course there are many more options. These are just a few. You can even bet on which team is going to kick off!!

World Cup Responsible Gambling

So, how do you gamble responsibly during the World Cup? Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts you have to stick to your gambling budget. This means if you’re thinking of placing some bets on the World Cup then you may have to forgo placing bets on some of your other favourite sports, like the AFL for example. Either that or you lower the amount of bets you place on those other sports thereby spreading out your wagers.

This even works if you’re planning to place a bet on some of the World Cup betting options I’ve mentioned above. Say you’re budget was $20 for the week then I would pick one or two favourite matches for the week. I would then spread my bets over the betting options that interest me the most.

The thing with sports betting for me is to get the most enjoyment I can from placing those bets. Winning will of course increase my betting pleasure 😉

How To Bet On The World Cup

All of the online sports betting agencies that I represent allow you to place a bet on the World Cup. You’ll find them on the top of the left hand sidebar of this site. Of those I’m going to mention two in this post, Sportingbet and bet365.

World Cup betting with bet365 world cup betting with sportingbet

As you can see from the two screenshots above from the Argentina vs Bosnia game, both bet365 and Sportingbet offer pretty well the same odds although bet365 offers slightly higher odds for a draw. Of the two apps I found Sportingbet to be a lot simpler to understand and use. Although Bet365 offers more betting options which is probably what made it a little harder to understand. I think I’m leaning towards Sportingbet. Which one will you use?

You can get all the latest World Cup match details from Fifa World Cup Brazil.